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To buy a dress for girls

Unlike pop culture, some may argue that diamonds are not a girl's best friend; this dress. There are so many types and styles of dresses, for any occasion. For little girls, dresses perfect, there's no need to fuss and run to the shops in search of buying dresses for his daughter. We have collected all the stores that sell dresses in one place.

A variety of dresses with different shapes

Dresses like to wear all girls for their versatility. Many dresses have a casual and sophisticated style, so you shouldn't wear them on the trip to the Mall, basically wear them to parties or family dinner. You do not need to worry about buying clothes for girls. Mallinru have gathered for You the catalog with a wide selection of dresses for girls.

Holiday dresses

  • Cocktail dresses: perfect for parties. Cocktail dresses are usually made of synthetic fabrics such as nylon and acrylic for intricate finishes. For young girls it is best to wear cocktail gowns with sleeves or straps.
  • Floor length: in addition, of synthetic fibres, the main difference is the length of the dress. Most often, this type is suitable for formal and special events such as weddings.
  • Dress ballerina: This is a very specific type of clothing has dresses worn by aspiring diva. They are made of shiny and breathable synthetic fiber with a bundle of nylon.

Casual dress

  • Shirt dress: this type of dresses is perfect for normal everyday life. Such gowns are usually made of light fabric. Some styles have buttons, while others have collars.
  • Cotton dress: This dress style is lightweight, breathable, and durable. Dresses made in many styles, although some of them fit the style as cocktail dresses. This dress can be worn in the daytime.
  • Beach dresses: this dress often has a thin strap and a fun summer design, like Aztec prints, polka dots, batik or different colors and patterns.
  • Romper: this type of dress is made of lightweight, breathable fabric. This one-piece suit looks great on the waist. The dress can be in different colors and prints, with a belt or without a belt.
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