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How to buy goods?

1970-01-01 03:00

1. Go to the page of your product by clicking on the image or title of product. On the product page read the whole information about the product, verify the suitability of this product after reading the dimensions or characteristics of the goods. As shown below:

2. Pay attention to the rating of the product and the seller. A rating calculated from customer reviews of product:

3. View reviews of other buyers who have bought and received this product:

4. Select the appropriate color, size, or another product and click "Buy now" as shown below:

5. After that, the system will take you to the page fill in the information ordering. Select or enter recipient information and press send:

6. Select the payment method "Online payment" or "cash on delivery" and click save. If the seller does not send goods on delivery, the system will display the appropriate message:

7. You can also write a message to the seller in which to specify information about any wishes or requests:

8. Then click proceed to payment. The system will take you to a page of payment options and will automatically generate an order, which you can see on the orders page in your account. On the page payment options choose your desired payment method and click pay. The system will take you to the payment page of the order. Pay the way you chose and after successful payment the system will return you to the page successful payment:

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  • Shopping centerMany different products in one place
  • ReturnFull refund if not receiving the goods
  • buyer ProtectionFrom the date of purchase and to complete the transaction
  • SharesSales, discounts, and more
  • WarningIf you change the order status, return or dispute
  • GiftsWhen purchasing goods, shops can give gifts